Below is our real time inventory. Please keep in mind that it may change by the minute and if we show only 1 in stock you may place it on hold for only 24 hours by contacting us at 905.294.2484 or by sending us a quick email here.

Simply choose the year, make, model and one or more of the parts we carry [ headlight, fog light or tail light ] then the option/s for that part if any and you’ll find out if we have it in stock as well as the condition, quantity and price. If we don’t have the part in stock, just contact us to send us your request and we’ll get started on finding you the part you’re looking for and we’ll be in touch with you within 60 minutes during our regular business hours, 8am to 6pm EST.

Here are some of the abbreviated words / sentences and their meaning you may find in the part description above.


[ Grade A – Very Good Condition ]
[ Grade B – Good Condition ]
[ IQ – Insurance Quality ]
[ L&H Only – Lens & Housing Only – Xenon Bulb & Ballast/s / Module/s are not included ]
[ Complete – The complete assembly, including Xenon & other bulbs, ballast & modules ]
[ Minor Refurb – This means that a section of that part was re-manufactured, usually just 1 or 2 mounting tabs and nothing else ]
[ LH – Left hand, always the driver side ]
[ RH – Right hand, always the passenger side ]